Nick and Dariece from the travel blog "Goats on the Road" discovers hotels deals with their Sears Travel account.

Professional travelers and avid bloggers Nick and Dariece (better known as Goats On The Road) have garnered a massive following on social media after leaving their normal lives behind and deciding to travel the world together. Originally from Canada, this couple has been around the globe and lived abroad since getting bit by the travel bug a few years ago. Their unusual lifestyle choice has inspired many others to take up a similar path, but their usual followers simply seek inspiration by living vicariously through their fantastic voyages.


When you are traveling the world for a living like Goats On The Road does one thing that you must learn to do quickly is figure out how to afford to do it. Even if your pocketbooks seem unusually deep, you still have to plan your travel intelligently and be frugal. Flights, hotels, meals, and just the day to day necessities can surely add up in cost over time. The better deals you can find, the longer you can afford to stay on the road, and that’s exactly what inspired Nick and Dariece to try out Sears Travel.

Being professional travelers, they were confident that they already knew how to find the lowest prices on where to stay the night, after all they have spent years away from “home” by now. They heard Sears Travel was claiming to have the lowest prices on travel for members, and they took us up on our word. From there they searched for their next destination using their Sears Travel membership and came across the deals that are available for those who create their own free accounts. You can read more about their personal experiences, and see their examples by reading their story “How to Score Massive Savings on Hotels with Sears Travel” on their blog. Be sure to follow them on social media to stay up to date on their voyages around the world and learn more about places you may not have even considered traveling to before.