Got questions about what we do at Sears Travel? We’ve got answers.

If you’re searching for a vacation that fits your budget, you’ve come to the right place. Still, it’s understandable to have some questions about what we do, so we’ve assembled this Q&A to address everything you need to know.

Q: What is Sears Travel?

A: At Sears Travel, we believe that you deserve a vacation, no matter what your budget. We offer travel booking at highly competitive rates: that means exclusive insider pricing and special deals for anyone who has an account.

The savings don’t stop there: booking your dream getaway with Sears Travel will earn you Travel Bucks with every purchase, which you can use towards future bookings.

What Is Sears Vacations? - FAQ

Q: How much does it cost to sign up for an account?

A: Signing up for an account with Sears Travel is absolutely free. The signup process is simple, and you’ll be rewarded just for joining. That’s right, you’ll be rewarded with your very own Travel Bucks just for making an account with us.

How Much Does It Cost To Sign Up For Sears Vacations? - FAQ

Q: What are Travel Bucks?

A: Travel Bucks are primary reward system that allows our members to save so much money on swanky getaways. Travel Bucks are expressed in dollar values, so they’re easy to understand and use. Plus, they don’t have any blackout dates for peak travel periods, so you can use them at any time and on whatever part of your travel you’d like — and if you’re happy with the savings you’re already getting, you can save the Bucks for later.

What Are Travel Savings Credits? - FAQ

Q: Where can I travel with Sears Travel?

A: Once you make an account, you can browse a wide range of travel options using our free search engine. You’ll find that we have a wider range of options than other booking sites, with even more chances to save! Hiking in Hawaii, cruising in the Caribbean, making memories in Mexico…wherever you want to go and however you want to get there, we’ve got you covered. You can use your Sears Travel account to book hotel rooms, cars, flights, cruises, hotels, and resorts.

And when you make an account with us, you’ll automatically begin receiving exclusive offers via email, including ways to earn additional Travel Bucks and special deals on resorts, cruises, and other vacation packages.

Where Can I Travel With Sears Vacations? - FAQ

Q: How are your deals so cheap?

A: We offer below-market rates for all sorts of travel, and we’re able to do this because of our Lowest Price Guarantee. If you find a lower rate somewhere else, we’ll beat their price: that’s our promise to you. The real magic of Sears Travel lies with our Travel Bucks, however: when you combine your Travel Bucks with our already-low prices, you can save more than you ever imagined on travel.

Plus, it’s easy to earn more Travel Bucks by simply continuing to book through Sears Travel. The more you travel, the more you earn. Even if prices somehow change after you’ve booked your trip, you don’t have to worry — we offer price protection for 24 hours following your booking.

How Are Your Deals So Cheap? - FAQ